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I love Maskcara beauty because its about more than just makeup.  Its about a life of joy, confidence and simplicity. As an artist we get to help everyday women not just feel beautiful but truly believe it. 

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Gluten Free

Paraben Free

High Quality ingredients

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How Maskcara beauty began:

Why use Masckara

3D foundation is an Easy, Affordable, Compact, Multi-purpose makeup.

Maskcara Beauty makeup is a professional quality makeup line that is meant to bring out the best features in your face. Unlike traditional foundation that matte-ifys the whole face Maskcara is meant to be 3D in nature. 


Maskcara Beauty is special not only in how it is used and applied but in its quality ingredients and minimalist packaging. Its only 1 layer of makeup that leave skin and better condition and without that flat, cakey feeling or look.

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When you purchase a customized Maskcara bundle with me you receive a personalized application video just for you on how and where to apply your colors!

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