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Traditional hair extensions are well known for their undesirable beads popping out, scratching the scalp or uncomfortable tension that makes your head itchy, and invisible hair extensions ARE the solution.

IBE® was created with the health of your scalp and hair in mind. IBE® has a unique track that focuses on flexibility and equal weight distribution. It is durable, easily maintained, and has a flexible move up schedule.   Unlike other traditional beaded weft methods, with IBE® there is no contact of a bead with the scalp at any time. Because of that, as well as proper tension, IBE® is a much more comfortable extension experience for guests.

With IBE®, focus is on the precision of stitching and beadwork which allows for longer time in between move ups. 


Ready to have the hair of your dreams?

Download the Informational PDF

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Extension Pricing

*Service prices below do not include the cost of the hair , which needs to be purchased about every 9-12 months


Initial Install Appointment

Includes Install, custom blended root, cut to blend and style.

1 Row  $300 |  2 Rows $500  | 3 ROWS  $650 | 4 Rows 750

Includes Care Package GIFT with: King or Queen size Satin Pillow Case, Satin hair-tie, De-tangling brush, and more! 

Move-up | Re-Install

Includes Removal, Reinstall and curling iron style.

1 ROW  $230 |   2 ROW $380  |  3 ROW $530 |  4 Row $700

 Add Ons:

Exfoliating shampoo/condition, scalp massage & Blowout with style


Removal Only

Includes Removal of wefts and beads.


Bead Snag Fix


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