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Welcome !  This page will outline the services I provide.  

As a returning guest you have the option to book any of the following options based on your maintenance needs and what we have discussed at your last appointment.  

Color appointments Include shampoo + style, and necessary products to keep your hair healthy and strong.  If you have VERY thick or Extra Long hair your will see an additional fee to cover the cost of extra product and time.

Service Menu


Refresh Toner/Glaze  $150+

For babes looking to keep away unwanted brassy undertones and to refresh the desired tone of your highlights.  This should be done every 8 weeks or so between larger services.

Base Color Root Retouch   $115+

Choose this option if you need up to 2" of roots colored with a solid color and a blow dry style. Great for babes hiding grey hair.  This service is usually done every 4-8 weeks. -Not an option for Bleaching roots -

All Over Color  $250+

Color faded and drab? It's time to pull that base color all the way through the ends.Do this 3-4x a year This service is a solid over color. 

Color Melt       $300+

Ideal for babes with previous highlights looking for a seasonal change without more lightening. 2-3 Colors are applied roots to ends to create a literal color melt effect using your established highlights.


Custom Dimension   

Mini $200+

Partial $250+ 

Full $295 +  

(add a root color for $40 or add an in between highlight color for $80)

Whether you like your highlights to get as close to the root as possible or a more subtle lived-in look this is the service for you.  You can customize this experience with a grey coverage root or a root smudge to blend the line without looking "grown out".

Bombshell Blonding $500

This is a service for multiple coloring techniques to get your that 'pinterest' look you are dreaming of.  Includes all necessary products to keep your hair healthy and strong..  

Image by Alexandra Iva
Image by Jade Destiny

Luxe Haircut  $95

Feel like royalty with a shampoo, stress relieving scalp massage, moisture rich conditioning, and your dream haircut. You can expect optimal attention to detail with both wet cutting and dry texturing and perfecting. Includes a Blow dry.

Seasonal Express Deep Conditioner $15

Treat yourself to this season inspired 10 minute deep conditioning treatment experience. You'll enjoy the soothing seasonal aromas while a warm towel comforts your neck at the shampoo bowl during a 5 minute head massage. -Doesn't include blow dry


K18 Bond repair treatment $40

k18 is not a deep conditioner. It is a bond builder that rebuilds hair from the inside out resulting in improved health of hair. - Doesn't include blow dry so please add this to another service.

Blow Dry + Style added to treatments $55

Add this to your deep conditioner or bondbuilder

 -FAQ -

Can you squeeze me in?

I do offer appointments outside of my scheduled hours at PREMIUM RATES on occasion.

Premium rates means each service is charged 150% more than the listed price.

You must email to request these appointments and acknowledge the additional charge.

Do you offer....?

You may notice some services are missing from my menu.  As an extension specialist I only offer services that fit into my specialty area.

I have a team of stylists who I am happy to refer you to for services I don't offer or services for guests without extensions.

Do you do Balayage?

Because stylist language can be a little much for a non stylist to understand all lightening services are set as CUSTOM dimension.  Based on the inspiration photo you bring or your requests a technique will be chosen that best achieves the look you want.

What is a Color Melt?

A color melt is done over previously lightened hair to freshen up with a new tone and refreshed base color.

Image by Angelos Michalopoulos

Invisible Bead


Looking for more fullness, length or a color enhancement that has otherwise been hard to achieve?  Check out the The #1 Most Requested Hand-Tied Extension Method.  Healthier for the hair, more styling flexibility and less discomfort.

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