Hey Gorgeous!

New here? You're in the right place !

      I just can't wait to meet you!  While I know meeting a new stylist can be scary and weird I'm here to set your mind at ease. 

When you book a service with me you can expect kindness, cleanliness and attention to detail.  Plus:



-Variety of charging devices


You should look forward to a thorough consultation when you arrive for your appointment. We will plan out your first visit, look at your inspiration pictures, talk about your best and worst hair experiences and go over your goals for your hair long term and presently.

After I have a clear insight into our goal for your appointment, I'll walk you through what's obtainable, our game plan for your first and future services, the level of maintenance involved in the look you desire, and how to style and care for your new look at home.


Where do I begin?

Your experience starts when you click the "New Guest Profile" button below after you've browsed this site and read the salon policies.

You'll book with me through email using the book now button below. This will take you to a new window to email me your appointment preferences.​ You will need to tell me your preferred timeline for your appointment and best days and times of the week.  Please describe or send photos of your current hair and desired services.  I will reply with recommended service package and your scheduled appointment time.  

​New guest appointments are booked as packages.  These are super convenient and made to allow for complete customization and introduction to your hair needs and dreams and are priced to accommodate this. All prices listed are approximate price points and pricing may shift based on the plan we create for the day.

You can expect a welcome email from me  before your scheduled service with any info you may need to know for your upcoming appointment!

If you have any questions please include them in your initial email. I look forward to hearing from you soon and meeting you at the salon! If you are ready just click that "Book" button below!!

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