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Hey Gorgeous!

      I'm so excited you are here! 

New guest color appointments are booked as sessions.  


These are super convenient and made to allow for complete customization and introduction to your hair needs and dreams.  


Color Sessions include all needed color and treatments, plus a haircut!  There are no up charges for extra bowls of color, or other sneaky hidden charges.

Here are the steps to booking an appointment 

1. Read through and decide on package and add-ons

2. Fill out the New guest request at the bottom of this page

3. Look for a welcome email from me soon letting you know if you are good to go ahead and book online.

Scroll to fill out the new guest appointment request form.

New Guest Services


Choose this if: :

1. You love your current all over color and just need your roots touched up plus refresh of color on the ends.

2. You want a fresh money piece or hair line highlight around your face to bring a fresh feel to your current look

Includes a non-drastic Haircut


Choose this if :

1. You want an eye-catching all over color or a color melt. Color will be formulated to provide dimension and shine specific to your needs with a tone shift.

2. You want a partial highlight/lowlight/ or balayage service and in some cases refresh your root color. 

3. You are looking for a service to transition too an easier lower maintenance color or go back to being a brunette.

Includes a non -drastic haircut.


This is the most popular option for first time appointments.  Choose this package if:


1. You would like to refine your all over base color PLUS you are craving added dimension with highlight/lowlights. 


2. You are ready to jump-start or refine your dimensional color journey.  You might be already blonde, or high contrast brunette but are in need of a detailed refresher of full highlights or a full hand painted balayage service. 

Includes a non-drastic haircut.



Facial Wax $10-$35  |  Brow Tint: $15  |  

Conditioning treatments $15-$53   

Halo Couture Extension $350+

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Are you looking for more length, more fullness, color enhancements or both?

Hand tied hair used with the invisible bead method is the best application if you are looking to maintain the health of your hair and have flexibility with styling.  IBE are seamlessly blended with your own hair and can be customized based on your needs. 

Click here to learn more about Invisible bead extensions and to fill out the pre-consultation form.